Using Infrared Technology to Land a Commercial Roofing Job

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A commercial roof replacement can be quite costly for building owners, but there’s technology available to help pinpoint the extent of moisture damage and provide owners with excellent options to reduce costs. Using infrared technology, a contractor can determine the true condition of the insulation under the membrane and provide a wider range of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

Infrared technology worked well for Scott Lippman and his team at West Coast Roofing. They were discussing a new 150,000-squarefoot roof with a Los Angeles building owner, but a full replacement was beyond their budget. They asked their GAF sales rep, Mike Lampkin, for ideas and he recommended that Scott talk with IR Analyzers, a GAF vendor. Both parties agreed that an infrared survey would be the ideal approach to determine the extent of the underlying damage and see if there were other, more cost-effective options for the owner.

The team at IR Analyzers quickly mobilized a certified thermographer to test the roof and record the findings with a highly sensitive state-of-the-art infrared camera. The infrared scan pinpointed the areas that needed to be replaced due to water damage. The technician found that only 1% of the roof was moisture damaged, so it didn’t make sense to tear off all the dry insulation down to the deck. Everyone agreed that this roof was a great can­didate for a highquality recover with a new GAF EverGuard® 60 mil TPO.

By using IR Analyzers, the job was able to get approved and scheduled quickly — and the building owner saved nearly 30%. Plus, West Coast Roofing was excited to secure this large job.

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