Tweet Chat Recap: How the Roofing Industry Can Help Others

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In honor of National Roofing Week, GAF hosted a Tweet Chat, on July 8th, to discuss how the roofing industry can help others in the community.  Using #roofchat, GAF Master Elite™ Roofing Contractors Chris Zazo from Aspenmark Roofing & Solar (@aspenmark), and Jay and Dena Elie from Ridgecon Construction (@shinglemate); and Charlotte Norgaard from the National Roofing Contractors Association (@NRCANews) joined in the conversation.  Below is a recap of the discussion.

@gafroofing – Q1: How did the @NRCAnews come up with roofing week?
@NRCAnews –  The week celebrates the roofing industry, its good deeds, and the importance of roofs.
@NRCAnews –  And we wanted to stress the importance of hiring an NRCA roofing professional.
@gafroofing – That’s great and we’re happy to promote it each year and ask contractors to share their stories for #nationalroofingweek.

@gafroofing – Q2: Can roofers make an impact in the community?
@shinglemate –  Without a doubt! Roofers can make a positive impact in the community. We’re obliged to help the community we work and live in.
@Aspenmark – Yes! Step 1- identify a need in your community. Step 2 – figure out how/if you can offer a solution. Step 3- START NOW!
@gafroofing – We applaud and support your efforts @Aspenmark #RoofAngels @RoofAngelsOrg and @RidgeconRoofing #NoRoofLeftBehind @Roof4All.

@gafroofing – Q3: How do you find good programs to join?
@shinglemate –  Choose a program that reflects your values and that will help you get the positive public attention your giving deserves.
@Aspenmark –  Internet search for your cause or local charities, i.e., United Way/HFH, etc.
@gafroofing GAF has renewed our partnership with @Habitatorg—any Master Elite® or Certified™ Contractor can participate. http://bit.ly/1SNfiTg
@gafroofing Learn more about ways to make an impact in your community. http://bit.ly/1HZT1dh

@gafroofing –
Q4: Why put forth the effort?
– Community involvement demonstrates commitment, elevates the industry’s image, and raises awareness of your company.
@shinglemate –  Giving feels great; plus, it’s sellable. 89% of buyers are likely to change brands to support a cause. http://bit.ly/1pcKSrU
@Aspenmark –  Community involvement helps others, raises company profile in positive ways, improves employee morale, and encourages others to do same!

@gafroofing – Q5: How do you share your good work to make it personal, not too promotional? 
–  Focus on the story of those you’re helping. Tell THEIR story first. Through telling their story, your story/purpose will get told by default.
@NRCAnews –  Photos on social media are a great way to share the news without being promotional.
@shinglemate – We get the community involved and spotlight our helpers like @RaindropGG @alliedbldgprods @gafroofing and use @roof4all platform.

@gafroofing – Q6: Advice for becoming a charitable roofer?
@Aspenmark – Determine what you’re great at – look to deliver that solution. Find orgs that can help fill gaps and don’t be afraid to get started! START!
@NRCAnews –  Find a cause that interests you and your employees. You don’t have to supply a roof.
@NRCAnews –  You can volunteer, plan a food drive, or raise funds.
@shinglemate – Make realistic, achievable goals. Plan well. Give your community a voice in your giving. Ask for help. Giving’s a win-win.

@gafroofing – Q7: Share a local success story.

@Aspenmark – Homeowner in need w/ damaged roof was turned down by EVERYONE. We helped him AND got tremendous media coverage in the process.
@shinglemate – Our @roof4all sister contractor @ArrysRoofing is giving their 5th roof in Tampa. Watch this great video. http://bit.ly/1FwQx4h
@gafroofing – These are all great, inspiring stories!
@gafroofing-Thanks for joining us for #roofchat @Aspenmark @RidgeconRoofing and @NRCAnews.
@gafroofing—Contractors: keep sharing your good deeds and stories during #nationalroofingweek. http://bit.ly/1QZV23e

Thanks to all our featured guests and those that chimed in with questions and answers.  We hope to have more #roofchat events in the future.  Stay tuned.

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