Trying to Match or Replace, Old Asbestos Siding?

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Are there homes in your area that have old asbestos siding shingles? Have homeowners inquired about what they can do to repair damaged shingles? If so, there is a solution.

We all know the potential dangers of asbestos and that it’s best to leave it alone if it’s in good condition. However, if homeowners are asking for a replacement product, you know it can be difficult to find one that matches. To address this problem, and give you a product you can use on those jobs you used to pass on, GAF has developed a fiber-cement replacement product called WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding. These shingles are specifically designed to match many of the most popular asbestos siding shingles installed in the past. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Unlike many of the original siding shingles it matches, WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding contains absolutely no asbestos – safer for you and your customer.
  • The shingles are perfectly designed with wavy, straight, and thatched edges, as well as striated, textured, and wood-grain surfacing, to match the most popular styles of old asbestos siding shingles.
  • It is another way for you to help your customer avoid the hassle and expense of replacing all the siding on their home or building.
  • WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding comes pre-primed from the factory. They are ready to be painted to match the existing siding on the home.
  • Easy installation. Remove the old shingle*, nail the WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding into place, and paint to match.
  • The shingles are low maintenance and help resist warping, denting, rotting, expansion, contraction, and termite infiltration.
  • Matching accessories, including siding backer strips, pre-primed individual corners, and high quality siding nails are available to allow for a complete replacement job.
  • WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding allows you to differentiate yourself and build your business by providing customers a unique solution to the difficult problem of replacing old asbestos siding.
  • It also offers homeowners peace of mind as they come with a 25-year ltd. warranty.**

Learn more about WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding.

*We recommend that any removal and disposal of asbestos-containing products be done by a professionally trained asbestos-removal contractor.

**See WeatherSide™ Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

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