The Challenges of Snow Clean Up in a Relentless Winter

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With the East Coast expecting even more snow, one city isn’t getting a break.

Boston is on track for record-breaking snowfall this winter. According to ABC News, “So far over 77 inches of snow has fallen for the season in Boston — that’s nearly 3 feet above normal, with the average being 43.8 inches. That makes it the snowiest season to this date in recorded history, and already the ninth snowiest season overall.”

Residents are frustrated as the snow piles up. Yesterday, Master Elite Coastal Windows & Exteriors had over 65 calls from homeowners crying for help.

Recently, owner Stephanie Vanderbilt talked with local television station, NECN Reporter John Moroney, about the importance of removing snow from your home’s roof and making sure that no problems exist within the home to cause ice dams this winter. Vanderbilt also recorded a special video for homeowners to teach them about the importance of getting rid of the snow, and about roof snow removal and snow raking services.

How are you faring this rough winter?  Tell us your story and/or share a photo of what are you seeing in your neck of the woods.

Much Snow Can a Roof Handle?

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  1. Stephanie Vanderbilt

    With the recent “heat wave” the ice dam and roof snow removal calls have turned into interior leaking calls. We have been very busy inspecting roofs and attics as most homeowners need to finally address the underlying issues causing their roofs to leak. No ice & water shield, rotting shingles, improper ventilation and insulation, etc. We’ve seen it all!

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