CARE Walpole TPO event

The CARE Team Completes the First Walpole “2 Day TPO” Event with Great Success

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The event had 37 students on the first day and even after a 12″ snow storm, 20 returned for the second day. Attendees were a mix of commercial and residential contractors, with the majority being residential. Their interest in TPO as a complement to their business was great, and leads us to believe that this is a need that we are just starting to meet in this region. The commercial contractors were impressed with GAF’s quality standards and with what we can offer as collaboration and support; at least one that has been using a competitor, will start using more GAF. The have also learned details about our shingles that have impressed them. We are constantly looking for new and better venues to hold these type of very needed events. For now at Walpole, we have two more sessions schedule for 2014, however if you have a request, please let us know.


“What started out as an ordinary, sunny fall day in Wayne quickly progressed into a fun-filled morning of competitive spirit and learning as members of the Wayne Marketing group were treated to a CARE training seminar on the proper installation of both low-slope and steep-slope roofing products. We all know that CARE does a great job educating our contractors on proper, safe installation of our GAF roofing products. CARE was also great at getting the Marketing team engaged in learning not only about a variety of steep-slope and low-slope products, but also about addressing specific installation questions that our contractors have.

Paulo Vieiradias and Erasmo Fuentes didn’t just tell us, however. They had Marketing take a walk in the contractor’s shoes and do the installation themselves. This experience helped Marketing understand contractor issues and concerns, and will guide them in their product development and communication efforts.”

Leslie Franklin



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