Shedding Light on Solar — GAF Contractor’s Corner Ep. 2

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On GAF Contractor’s Corner we talk to roofing professionals about what’s driving their business. We explore successes, challenges, tips tools and more. The podcast is hosted by Don Kilcoyne and will feature interviews with contractors as well as experts on topics of use to contractors. Please join the discussion in the comments section, and subscribe at iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Feel free to email your questions and comments to

Episode 2: Shedding Light on Solar with guest Amy Ochsenreiter of GAF Solar

As a product manager responsible for the DecoTech Solar Roofing system, Amy Ochsenreiter of GAF Solar as she’s been traveling the country, talking to contractors about the emerging solar roofing market. If there’s a question about solar, chances are good that Amy has already answered it for somebody.

In this episode of Contractor’s Corner, Amy gives a Solar 101 overview of the business segment, and explains some of the opportunities and challenges facing roofers who plan to transition to solar roofing. In addition to discussing concepts such as net metering, SRECs and the permitting process, Amy addresses the biggest solar question of all: How does a roofing contractor know if installing solar is a good business decision?

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