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Share Your Stories for National Roofing Week

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There are three important things humans need to survive: food, water, and a roof over their head. From June 5–11, we will join the National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) for National Roofing Week. During the annual event, we will highlight the significance of roofs to every home and business and show off the good work our contractors have been doing.

We’ll be asking you to share how you have made an impact in your community on social media throughout the week. Post a photo and share your charitable story by using the hashtag #nationalroofingweek and tag GAF on Facebook. We’ll highlight some of your photos in a gallery for everyone to see your contributions.

In addition, if you are an NRCA member, take a photo with your crew holding the NRCA social media card you received in the mail.

We look forward to honoring the important work you do this week and every day throughout the year.

(Photo Credit from 2015 Story: Monarch Roofing)

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