Outdoor Advertising: Commercial Roofing Rises to the Occasion

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Even though it’s above our heads, a roof can be a great marketing opportunity for companies to promote their brands. People flying in an airplane can get a bird’s-eye view of a message or company logo when they gaze out the window during landing or take off. Recently, Royal Caribbean used this idea to help promote their business and it was met with great success.

Royal Caribbean has an agreement to use the county building from the Port Authority of Broward County in Port Everglades, Florida, near Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The 10,000-square-foot roof is the cruise line’s seaport terminal and is used to process passengers boarding the ship. Royal Caribbean wanted to find a way to remind people of the cruising experience, so they decided to create a rooftop billboard.

Royal Caribbean wanted an exact match of their colors and to make sure the sign stayed clean with little or no maintenance. A giant computer template was produced to the exact specifications of the logo. TOPCOAT® MB Plus and two coats of TOPCOAT® Membrane were applied as a primer and base coat over the existing modified bitumen roof. Then a TOPCOAT® PVDF coating in the Royal Caribbean colors was laid on top. PVDF coatings are formulated to stay color fast because their “Teflon-like” finish does not attract dirt.

Sam Carr, building systems engineer, at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., was happy with the outcome. “We wanted to take advantage of both overhead flights and passengers boarding our ships to promote our brand. We had a huge template made and the roofing contractor did a great job creating our logo.”

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