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No Roof Left Behind: Ridgecon Construction

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“Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes the adversity that strikes a good neighbor is so serious that even life essentials, like having a roof over your head, take a back seat to the crisis at hand.” In 2009 No Roof Left Behind was founded by Ridgecon Construction and specially designed to help communities organize and rally around a local family in need.

Picture in the photo are Jay Elie far left in navy. Matt Elie in red on the far right, Tony Elie also in navy to the left of Matt, and a local winning family and extended family from this year are also pictured as well as Colleen Spicuzza; and Greg Bloom of Allied Building Products Corp.

To date, over NRLB programs are being hosted by 64 contractors in 28 states and provinces across North America.

“The No Roof Left Behind program would be nothing more than a dream were it not for the hard work and generosity of GAF and our big hearted contractors. They have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of real people with everyday struggles by providing them with the best and safest roof,” said Dena Elie of No Roof Left Behind.

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