Maximizing the Customer Experience — GAF Contractor’s Corner Ep. 3

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On GAF Contractor’s Corner we talk to roofing professionals about what’s driving their business. We explore successes, challenges, tips tools and more. The podcast is hosted by Don Kilcoyne and will feature interviews with contractors as well as experts on topics of use to contractors. Please join the discussion in the comments section, and subscribe at iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Feel free to email your questions and comments to

Episode 3: Maximizing the Customer Experience, with guests Janice and Kelly Stitzer of CIG Construction. | #roofitright |

Kelly and Janice Stitzer, a husband and wife team, began their professional partnership renovating and remodeling homes and multi-unit properties. A concentration in roofing was a natural transition.

As a third generation general contractor, Kelly grew up on commercial job sites. Hammer-to-nail experience at a young age in framing, drywall, concrete, and roofing, among others, has provided Kelly with keen knowledge in the broad scope of ground-up construction projects.

Janice, with a background in real estate and finance, rounds out this husband and wife team and their collaborative execution in providing the best client experience. Their strong work ethic and passion for quality keeps this duo intimately involved in every project.

This is the first of two parts. In this episode, Janice and Kelly discuss the pros and cons of retaining a business coach to help them take a hard look at their business goals and the steps they need to take to accomplish them.

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