Top 10 No 4

Low-Slope Roofing Mistake No. 4: Inadequate half-sheet fastening

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When installing TPO or PVC, the corners and perimeters of a building require more fasteners than the field due to higher uplift pressures.

In this segment of the Roofing it Right miniseries on the Top Ten Mistakes in Low Slope Roofing, GAF Senior Commercial Training Specialists Dave Scott and Wally Brown explore the problems caused by inadequate fastening of half sheets. 

They also discuss an alternative to using half sheets: when using the Rhinobond system, full sheets are welded to fasteners underneath the sheet.

Check out the episode here: 

And be sure to check out the entire top ten list, along with the complete collection of entertaining and educational Roofing It Right episodes (muchos de ellos disponibles en español), at

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