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Low-Slope Roofing Mistake No. 1: Not Probing Your Work

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When you’re working on a single-ply roof, do you probe your seams every day, or wait until the job is done and probe everything right before the inspection? 

GAF Senior Commercial Training Specialists Dave Scott and Wally Brown have strong opinions on that, and share them in this episode of Roofing it Right with Dave and Wally.  

In this segment of their Roofing it Right miniseries on the Top Ten Mistakes in Low Slope Roofing, the two experienced pros tackle the importance of probing new TPO or PVC single-ply seams every day. 

Key tips include:

  • Probe your own seams every day when the sheet is clean and easiest to repair.
  • Make sure someone else does the final pre-inspection check.
  • Blunt new seam probes so they don’t accidentally score or cut through the membrane.
  • Clean as you go.

Check out the episode here: 

And be sure to check out the entire top ten list, along with the complete collection of entertaining and educational Roofing It Right episodes (muchos de ellos disponibles en español), at 

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