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Los Angeles Becomes the First Major City to Require “Cool Roofing”

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It is well known fact that energy costs are a growing concern, and that building owners as well as local governments are actively looking for ways to make structures more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Which makes it no surprise that in the future, cities — small as well as large — will implement regulation for the use of energy efficient products, and that will certainly include roofing.

According to Professional Roofing (PR) magazine, the city of Los Angeles has passed an update to their building code addressing the use of cool roofing on all new and refurbished homes, becoming the first major city to do so. PR states, “LA…requires all new and refurbished homes to have a cool roof”. The city hopes that implementing this upgrade “will help reduce the effects of global warming, according to and

In the same article, PR quotes a study from UC suggesting that local temperatures will “rise between 3.7 degrees Fahrenheit and 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit…with the number of ‘extreme heat’ days above 95F tripling in downtown Los Angeles”. Tripling! With dark roofs reaching temperatures nearing 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it is safe to assume that such roofs have influence in the surrounding environments.

GAF has invested in energy efficient roofing technologies for a long time. EverGuard TPO, Topcoat, and Timberline Cool Series Lifetime Shingles are just a few examples of energy efficient products within GAF’s portfolio.

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