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Is your company’s future in the cards?

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Every successful contractor knows that the roofing business is really two separate subjects: Roofing. And business. Just as great cost control can’t overcome poor safety training, the best flashing technique in the world can’t make up for a low closing rate or a failure to secure referrals. Building a strong business means nailing down opportunities as well as shingles.

That’s why GAF Territory Managers are trained to help contractors become more effective at identifying opportunities for growth. Whether it’s increasing customer value with a warranty, boosting your referral rate, finding more leads — whatever can help you grow — GAF TMs are equipped with the tools you need. From video boards and digital visualization apps to comprehensive warranties and financing, the GAF selling toolbox is second to none.

In fact, there are so many potential strategies for growth that GAF has recently developed a simple low-tech tool to help contractors identify the ones that best address their specific business needs. The new Contractor Challenger Cards have been designed to help TMs work with contractors to identify the most promising areas of business improvement.

The cards, developed by the GAF sales team, are inspired by concepts laid out in The Challenger Sale —  Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.

The Reviews card above, for example, makes the clear and compelling case for requesting positive reviews for jobs well done. The flip side presents the potential missed opportunity cost of neglecting to request reviews. ­

“This deck is a great conversation starter,” said GAF Product Manager James Cito. “GAF TMs should always have these cards on hand, because you never know who you might run into. Any conversation can become an opportunity for GAF to be part of a contractor’s success.” If you’re a contractor looking for a smart way to explore business growth, ask your GAF TM to spend some Challenger time with you.  If you’re a GAF TM, be sure to order your copy of the Contractor Challenger Card Deck here.

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