How to Repair Hail Damage on Low Slope Granule Surfaced Membranes

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We are deep in the spring storm season and many areas in the country have been pummeled by hail.

Hail is an enemy to roofs and can cause impact damage and displace the protective granules on low slope granule-surfaced membranes. Contractors and building owners need to know what to look for, what to do and how to repair minor impact damage in order to save time and money.

GAF recommends that property owners document all storm related damage, collect local weather data and notify their insurance carrier if necessary. In addition, do a visual inspection of the roof for damage and take photographs as well.

If there is minor damage on low slope granule-surfaced membranes, coating the damaged roof membrane is an acceptable solution when there is visible granule loss, but make sure there is no other obvious damage to the roof membrane or underlying substrate. This repair is considered part of routine maintenance. Do not repair the membrane with a coating if the damages are enough to cause leaks or allow moisture to enter the roofing membrane or building envelope. This includes cuts, punctures, tears or cracks.

Repairs should be done as soon as possible to reduce further damage. GAF Certified Contractors can make these repairs by identifying roof areas where hail has caused excessive granule loss. They can then prepare the surface for appropriate coating application, apply approved TOPCOAT® liquid-applied roof coating to the damaged area and if desired, get colored roofing granules to put into the wet coating to match the existing roof color and texture.

The GAF Diamond Pledge™ Roof system guarantee does not cover hail damage or usual weather conditions or natural disasters, however hail riders are available in certain circumstances. For more questions about hail damage, contact GAF technical services at 800-ROOF-411.

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  1. Megan

    Luckily hail hasn’t been much of a problem for me this year. I’ve definitely seen hail do some serious damage over the years, though. I’ve never heard of a coating that can help protect a roof like that. I’m totally going to look into it! Anything that will help keep my house in good shape seems like a worthy investment to me. Thanks for the info!

  2. Christophe Carlier

    Thank you for sharing this information on how to repair hail damage done to the roof. Like you said, “hail is an enemy to roofs and can cause impact damage and displace protective granules.” We have had a few hailstorms over the past years and they have definitely done some damage to the roof. I need to get this repairs ASAP because I don’t want any leaks in my home. We also would like our roof to look presentable. Thanks again.

  3. Barry

    Good information! Hail is definitely a strong cause for the roof to get damaged but something that is equally harmful to roof is spring thaw. I did not give much importance to it until I realized the damage it had caused to my roofs. I had to call up a professional to fix it. I got my roof repaired and since then I make sure that I take good care in maintaining my roof. Roof issues are definitely a matter of money and time investment. I’d like add on some info on how to deal with spring thaw : Hope it helps.

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