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How to Increase Sales in a Digital World

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If you’re still relying on the phone book to get noticed, you’re missing the boat on marketing your business. To get more leads in this competitive market, you need to think outside the book and focus online where more of your customers’ eyeballs are.

There are a few ways to go about doing this. First, create social media pages for your company and add the links to your business cards, email signatures, and promotional materials. Twitter and Facebook are the easiest places to start and don’t take much of your time since you can post right from your phone – or even in advance from a scheduler app. Include pictures of your work, join the conversation, and ask customers to “like” your page. You should also “like” other corporate pages (like GAF) to capitalize on their fan-bases.

Another digital tool worth checking out is a mobile app called GeoJuice (available on Android™ or iPhone®). It allows you to take pictures on the job, add comments with effective keywords, and distribute onto your business website, social media, and directories with just one click. You can also ask clients to review your work by sending them a review request via text or email.

A more robust company website will also help customers find you. Even if you already have a site, it’s important to make sure you have appropriate keywords (for homeowners to find your company on Google) and good information that can help sell your services. You don’t need to do this on your own! Check out one of our vendors, like JumpHawk, Surefire Social™, or YourWebPro, to find out how they can help with your web design and development.

Once you have a high-performing website, look into creating a promotional video that highlights your work and post it to social media. A video is great tool to differentiate your business – check out our previous blog about it. Videos get the most views and they don’t have to be professionally shot and edited. Using your iPhone is perfectly acceptable. In fact, all posts should have either a pic, graphic, video, or link – they get much better engagement than strictly text. Add your video to YouTube, promote it on your Twitter and Facebook pages, and watch your business grow.

Just a little time and small investment in these areas could result in more leads and more jobs.

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  1. Alex

    Jeff, We agree with you. Even though we are a local roofing contractor in Charlotte, NC, we find ourselves competing with websites like Homeadvisor, BBB listings, etc. Since they are such huge websites nationally, they automatically rank higher without lifting a finger, while we have to spend a lot of money on trying to keep up on the rankings. I agree, you shouldn’t just leave your site as is, as it will become outdated really quickly and you want anyone looking at the page to have a positive experience while on the site. It’s worth doing, but man is it tough!

  2. jeff

    This is good advice to a large roofing company who has the ability to hire an S.E.O to optimize their webpage. However most local roofing companies struggle to perform against top ranking sites and can go bankcrupt trying to keep up.
    In order to have a high performing website you need to spend on local advertising websites to backlink to your site. You need to spend 40 hours a week just on web development and use only white hat techniques to generate positive links. If you incorrectly use black hat you will find yourself penalised by google and lose page rank completely.
    Most local roofers use referral business to keep themselves busy and do not have the thousands it takes to hopefully rank on page one.
    Page one is filled with adword accounts, 80% national companies and 20% local.
    Be wise when moving into the world of search engine optimization.

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