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How Roofing Contractors Can Help Address Home Comfort

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Homeowners have high expectations for comfort throughout their home.  They don’t want a drafty farmhouse anymore or a spare bedroom that isn’t the same temperature as the rest of the house.  It may come as a surprise, but a professional roofing contractor can address these concerns and more.

“The professional roofing contractor has the right combination of skills on staff and also sees a much larger number of existing homes than many other types of contractors”, says Coby Rudolph, Executive Director of Efficiency First, a national membership organization of home performance contractors.  In fact, home energy efficiency strongly relates to a properly detailed attic, and it’s remarkable how straightforward some of the improvements can be.  For example, a bathroom fan that has never worked well may simply have a kinked or disconnected exhaust line.  Air conditioning ducts in the attic might be disconnected or have large leaks.   Oftentimes these issues have existed since the construction of the home, and a savvy roofing contractor can really improve their client’s comfort (and help reduce their energy bills) with some quick work in the attic.

To learn more about this and develop expertise in home performance work, a professional roofing contractor should consider joining Efficiency First  – something that makes even more sense now that GAF is a national sponsor. There are state and local chapters across the countr. Efficiency First supports home performance companies by providing access to educational and networking opportunities, as well as discounts on products and services.  For the professional roofing contractor, it’s a great chance to develop some new partnerships and a source of referrals. Energy auditors see hundreds of homes, some of which are bound to need roofing work.  And referring more complex energy projects (or subbing them out) to a certified energy auditor who has the credentials to qualify for energy rebates and other incentives can be a great way to build goodwill with clients as well.

In summary, delivering meaningful energy savings to homeowners will have them thanking you every month for years to come!

Are you a professional roofing contractor who performs home energy audits?  Have you performed attic insulation checks, improved attic air barriers, or referred work to an energy auditor or home performance contractor?  If so, I’d love to hear more about it.

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