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How are you Leading the Green Building Movement?

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We just wrapped up a successful 2014 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. At the GAF booth and on Twitter we asked: “How are you leading the green building movement?” On the show floor, we had a wall where visitors could write their thoughts and ideas. Here’s what leaders of the green building movement, architects and students who stopped by had to say.

1. Recycling Shingles 

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Pictured is GAF Executive Director of Sustainability, Martin Grohman with William Turley of Shingle Recycling

2. Assuring Transparency 

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Annie Bevan is from Green Circle Certified, an independent third party certification company assuring accountability in today’s evolving market for building products and operations. 

3. Educating the Building Industry on LEED 

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Valerie Walsh, Principal, Walsh Sustainability Group signed the wall after giving a speech at the GAF booth on “Roofing as Hero: Roofing Credits in LEED v2009 and LEED v4 Demystified.”  Walsh is a sustainable design and construction consultant and LEED specialist based in Boulder, Colorado. Walsh manages and coordinates the LEED process and sustainability strategies with teams on projects ranging from commercial office and government to historic renovation, retail and hospitality applications.

4. Opening Doors for Future Generations 

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Here are two representatives from YouthBuild USA, a green initiative program for young people to learn green building practices while earning their GED or high school diploma. They also build increasingly green and LEED™ certified affordable homes, and serve as environmental leaders in local communities.

5. Creating Positive Change

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Nadav Malin is the president of BuildingGreen, Inc.  His company helps transform the building industry into a force for positive change by providing knowledge on sustainable building practices.

Didn’t get to sign the wall? Leave us a comment below and tell us how are you leading the green building movement.


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