How a Roof Can Help Save Homeowners Money

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The cost of heating and cooling a home has literally gone through the roof, but the right roof can promote energy efficiency in your home.

Cool roofs are designed to have greater reflectance than traditional shingles, which helps reduce the temperature in your attic.  According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, cool roofs may save homeowners an average of 7-15% of their total cooling costs.[1]  Cool Roofs also help reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. When helping homeowners choose a cool roof, look for shingles rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council and  Energy Star® qualified such as GAF Timberline® Cool Series Shingles.

You should also consider a home’s insulation.  If a home’s roof is poorly insulated, the heat and air conditioning need to work harder to regulate the temperature inside the house. The more they work, the more money is spent each month on the utility bill.

Share these solutions with your clients and help them make the best choices for their home and budget.

 [1] Cooling cost savings depend on structure, climate zone, location, insulation levels, HVAC equipment efficiency, utility rates and similar factors.

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