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GAF Sponsors the AIA Committee on the Environment

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GAF is pleased to sponsor the American Institute of Architect’s Committee on the Environment.

Founded in 1990, the AIA Committee on the Environment (“COTE”) predates the U.S. Green Building Council, and is widely credited with providing the forum that ultimately led to the development of the LEED® green building rating system.

Today, the group works to advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the design profession, the building industry, and the public—design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the buildings. Essentially, COTE serves as the community and voice on behalf of AIA architects regarding sustainable design, and GAF is pleased to support that discussion.

Via the COTE Top Ten awards, the industry’s best known awards program for sustainable design excellence, the AIA Committee on the Environment continues to evolve. For example, it is likely that considerations of resilient design and wellness, in addition to more standard green building metrics such as energy efficiency, will gain increased prominence in this year’s awards.

GAF is pleased to sponsor COTE, and looks forward to a continued, prominent supporting role with the American Institute of Architects.

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