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GAF Contractor’s Corner — A podcast for roofing professionals

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On GAF Contractor’s Corner we talk to roofing professionals about what’s driving their business. We explore successes, challenges, tips tools and more. The podcast is hosted by Don Kilcoyne and will feature interviews with contractors as well as experts on topics of use to contractors. Please join the discussion in the comments section, and subscribe at iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Feel free to email your questions and comments to ContractorsCorner@gaf.com.

Episode 1: Serving the Community, with guest Dior Vass of Dior Construction. diorconstruction.com | info@diorconstruction.com

Dior Vass is a Master Elite contractor based in Paramus, NJ. Founded in 2010, Dior Construction has roughly doubled in size every year. Despite the frantic pace of growth, Dior maintains a firm commitment to give back to his community. And when it comes to marketing, he applies a unique mix of old-school shoe leather, excellent word of mouth and cutting-edge digital social media.

Check out Dior’s stories about working with Habitat for Humanity and Roof for Troops, as well as the many digital and traditional communications platforms he uses to grow his business. And find out what to means to be able to present yourself as a GAF Master Elite in the competitive roofing marketplace and why Dior feels NRCA membership is so important to roofers who care about quality in their work.

Listen here or on your favorite podcast service.

Topics discussed: 

(0:00) Intro
(1:00) Giving back to the community
(5:55) Pride in one’s work
(7:59) Marketing strategies
(9:24) Word of mouth
(10:38) Being a Master Elite
(11:52) Finding employees
(13:33) Get involved with the community
(15:04) Invest in yourself
(16:18) Social media and SEO
Listen to Episode 2, Shedding Light on Solar, here.

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  1. Steve Rodenbaugh

    Sharp young man who seems to have his priorities in line! I listened to it twice just in case I missed something. We too are Master Elite and I am very appreciate for the time Dior took to share his opinions and advice. Thank you for the blog!!

  2. Gayle Landreth

    Excellent! Well done and interesting blog on roofing. Dior Vass appears to have a thoughtful and considerate grasp on the needs of his community and cares deeply about them.

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