Five Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Guarantee

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As a building owner, it’s important to make sure your roof performs over the length of its service life and is backed by a strong company. In order to do that, a commercial roof guarantee is recommended to protect your investment and cover problems that may arise.

Understanding and estimating the value of a low-slope roofing manufacturer’s guarantee can be difficult. Truly understanding what is included versus excluded can be just as confusing. Therefore, having the knowledge and know-how to choose the right guarantee with the most coverage is priority number one.

A guarantee is too important to forego. But how do you choose?

Here are some tips building owners should consider when deciding on a roofing manufacturer’s guarantee.

  1. Know the terms and conditions…Items beyond normal wear and tear, such as severe weather, changes in the use of the building, or inadequate roof maintenance may invalidate or reduce the coverage. It’s just as important to know what a guarantee doesn’t cover as it is to know what it does, as some guarantees cover materials only while others cover the entire system, including workmanship.
  2. Length of coverage…Some high-end manufacturer guarantees cover up to 35 years while others cover just up to 5 or 10 years.
  3. Understand the remedy…Will your guarantee cover material defects only, or will the contractor’s workmanship also be covered? Is the labor to install the replacement materials included, or just the replacement materials themselves?
  4. Read, read, read…It may sound silly, but take the time to read all the guarantee language and educate yourself on what you’re getting. You’d be surprised how many terms and conditions we all “agree to” without having read them. This is not the time to take a shortcut. The investment is large and repercussions could be significant.
  5. Know your obligations to get the most out of your roof… Regular roof inspections and maintenance are typically required to maintain coverage. (GAF offers a free extension of your guarantee when you agree to perform regular roof maintenance.)

With the right roof guarantee, a building owner can take comfort that a crucial component of the building is adequately protected.

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