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Educating and Training for a Roofing Career

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One of the biggest issues facing the roofing industry is finding qualified contractors to do the job — and it’s especially challenging while there is a labor shortage. However, there are plenty of people in the country without jobs who would be interested in pursuing a career in this growing field. All they need is an opportunity.

GAF recently partnered withNational Institute of Training & Education (NITE) and U.S. Military Pipeline (USMP) to hold a Roofing Academy training event in Tacoma, Washington, to teach interested participants the trade of roofing. Many of the participants were veterans or connected with the Roofing Academy through a job placement company called Workforce Central.

The week-long program was a crash course in roofing that covered terminology, safety, hands-on steep-slope installation, estimating, and an opportunity to meet GAF Master Elite® Contractors and distributors. Contractors were so impressed with the candidates and their new skills that they hired some of the students on the spot.

The biggest takeaway from the participants was when GAF instructor Donovan Gladstone said there are three things you need in life: food, water, and a roof over your head. The students realized that roofing is a necessity and that they will be a part of an important industry and can help fulfill a basic human need.

Many students said they chose a roofing career because it’s a good way for them to provide for their family, work outside, and have the potential to advance in the industry. They all said they are ready to work hard and grow.

One of the participants, Wayne Littleton, said, “This is real roofing, [it’s] done professionally and there’s room to move up.” He also liked that they were introduced to Master Elite® Contractors and roofing company owners, which helped him get his voice and face out there and show members of the industry he’s ready to work.

D’Andre Thomas said the pay attracted him to the field, but he also likes working with his hands.

Matthew Doornbos, a veteran, summed it up with this: “No roof is a permanent roof, so there’s always going to be demand.”

Learn more about the GAF Roofing Academy and how you can Hire a Hero for your roofing business.

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