Contractor’s Corner Ep. 5: It Pays to Talk Financing — with Gregory Bjornson

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In this episode of Contractor’s Corner, we sit down with Gregory Bjornson, Finance Program Manager at GAF. Greg advocates including a financing discussion in every in-home sales meeting. Even if you’re happy with your close rate (but really, who’s completely satisfied with their close rate…?) adding financing gives your customers more options, which gives you more opportunity.

Greg addresses the many ways financing in roofing differs from financing in other industries, the often-misunderstood difference between margin and markup, how to begin offering financing, and much more.

If you have questions about financing, drop a note to

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  1. Jakov

    This is a great tip. Talking about financing not only helps you stay on the same page with your customers, but it also opens up the conversation to see what options are out there for the home’s needs and potential.

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