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Building Science FAQ — Ep. 5

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What is the difference between a metal roof and a metal deck?

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Building Science FAQ series.

The Building Science FAQ video series explores some of the technical questions that crop up when specifying a low-slope roof. In this episode, James R. Kirby, AIA, GAF Building and Roofing Science Architect and James Willits, GAF Building and Roofing Science Specialist, discuss the structural and end-use differences between metal decks and metal panels. They also visit Senior Research Associate Erica Sherman in the R&D lab to examine the fundamental differences in deck and panel strength, thickness, and geometry.


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    • Thomas J Taylor, PhD

      Paul – thanks. Our team is currently looking at the best approach to recovering metal roofing with single ply, so if that’s your interest expect more articles over the coming year. There are different ideas on fastening of single ply over metal decks – we want all roofing projects to be successful, so we have some behind the scenes research going on right now in this area.

    • James R. Kirby, AIA

      Aaron, thank you for reading our GAF blogs, and I’m glad they’re useful to you and your business. You keep reading and we’ll keep blogging!

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