Benefits of a Tapered Design Solution

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Commercial buildings with flat roofs face challenges from water drainage to high-energy costs. If water isn’t taken off a flat roof, it can lead to damage outside and inside the building. Standing water can breed insects in the summer and ice damming in the winter, and can damage the water-tight integrity of the roofing system. All this results in extra stress on the roof and could potentially reduce the intended service life of the roof system and void the warranty.

A tapered design solution can address those water issues by adding insulation to the roof to bring the slope needed for drainage. That adds an additional benefit of energy savings as the extra insulation increases the R-Value of the building and helps lower heating and air conditioning costs.

GAF’s Tapered Design Group (TDG) offers a free service providing tapered design solutions for architects, contractors, and distributors.  These designs cater to your building needs, whether it’s a new roof or a replacement, to help reduce material costs and waste and provide precise layouts and calculations using the latest technology software. Plus, the team has a fast turn-around time to meet your project deadlines.

A tapered insulation solution that is the right one for your building, can help provide the leak protection, cost savings, and peace of mind that the roof will meet or exceed its expected life.

Learn more about this free benefit and how to get started today.

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    Personally, I think the structural tapered system is long term solution . Specially if used in relatively small size buildings where the project can be done in a few days its very economical.
    We use it all the time in residential or small commercial buildings.
    There is always a risk related to leak problems, and if it happens than the complete roof tapered insulation must come off.

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