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Alex Wilson Talks about Resilient Design

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For Earth Day, I’d like to discuss the concept of resilient design in buildings. Resilience is the idea of creating buildings that can bounce back from disturbances and are prepared for disruptions related to climate change. Alex Wilson, the founding editor of BuildingGreen magazine, started working in green building and sustainability in 1975 and hasn’t stopped since. Over the last three years, he’s made resilient design his next big push. GAF is a charter sponsor of the Resilient Design Institute, and we were honored to have Alex appear in our Greenbuild booth for the third straight year.

Resilience and green building are related, but the concept goes beyond green building. It involves the ability of a building to provide habitation, and maybe even a suitable work environment, to humans when the grid goes down. Basically, to “take a licking and keep on ticking.” That means you need to able to get in and out, have some running water, and not get too hot or cold. With our headquarters located in the path of Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, it has been a meaningful concept to GAF and we have a very comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan.

See Alex’s talk in our Greenbuild booth in the video below. LEED® Pilot Credits for resilience were announced at Greenbuild in 2015, and he gives a review of how those credits work, as well as background on the concept of resilient design. For further supporting information on the topic, see Alex’s blog.

Alex is also a well-known canoeist and author of Quiet Water Canoe Guide.

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