Add Commercial Roofing – to Add to Your Bottom Line

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Are you looking to expand your company in 2016? If you’re a residential contractor, it’s time to take a look at commercial. Moving into the commercial roofing market can open up your options and give you greater earning power. Here are some benefits.

  • More profitability. Commercial jobs are more complex than residential jobs, so the price you charge is higher, but so are the profits. However, commercial jobs require specialized knowledge, which GAF can help provide with our CARE training programs. Also, check out these HAPCO training videos in both English and Spanish. Additionally, GAF sends out monthly emails to help support the contractor in their commercial endeavor.
  • High potential for referrals. Yes, you can get referrals for a residential job, but there are more segments to reach in commercial such as building owners, architects, and property managers. This allows the contractor to network and grow their business through these connections.
  • Repeat business. Once you grow your business and get a good reputation, the same customer will likely go back to you. Many building owners manage more than one property, so there is great opportunity.
  • More value for your time. The residential market is tough, because you have to keep filling up the schedule with more projects. A contractor who gets a big commercial deal won’t have to worry about finding small projects. One commercial job can take the place of many residential ones.
  • High demand. The commercial market is growing with the popularity of TPO, plus there are many older buildings out there that need updating with more energy-efficient materials. Plus, there is great opportunity to get into the government market as well. See our special section to learn more about how you can get a piece of that pie.

Once you realize it’s worth taking a shot at commercial, GAF can help with a full line of cutting-edge products, expert training with CARE, apps, and the best warranties and support from our GAF Sales Rep team. Learn more.

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