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6 Ways to Green Your Next Roofing Project

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As we celebrate Earth Day, it’s important to highlight sustainability in roofing and how the latest technologies are making it even more achievable for contractors to offer green roofing options to their customers. Here are some tips to make your work more environmentally friendly and promote these services in your next re-roof pitch.

  • Offer shingle recycling. The material that is taken off a roof equals many years of trash and most of that material can be easily recycled. Go to www.shinglerecycling.org to find places to recycle shingles and other roofing materials. Be sure to explain to a homeowner how it’s done and the benefits of it. Read more in our blog post.
  • Explain solar options. Solar is hot right now with more homeowners looking at the options and potential savings. Discuss whether solar would work for your customers. Walk them through the GAF solar guide to help them decide if it’s the right fit.
  • Introduce cool roofing. GAF offers Timberline® Cool Series® Energy-Saving Shingles to help reduce cooling energy costs. They are highly reflective and can reduce temperatures in your customer’s attic, and according to the Cool Roof Rating Council, could help the homeowners save an average of 7-15% on total cooling costs.*
  • Improve the energy efficiency of the home. Replacing a roof is a great opportunity for a homeowner to assess their home, add insulation, and make energy-saving improvements to lights, fans, vents, and attics. All of these, when combined with a new roof, can help homeowners to further save on those heating and cooling bills.
  • Increase attic ventilation. Most homes do not have the right amount of attic ventilation. Proper ventilation can help make a new roof system last longer, reduce moisture, and reduce energy costs. Help them upgrade their ventilation situation.
  • Estimate savings. Figure out how much you can save from switching to cool roofing and adding insulation (plus search for rebates) with CREST for Homes, our quick and easy calculator.

By explaining these “green” options to your customers, they will recognize that you are interested in more than just your own bottom line and want to help them save energy and reduce their long-term housing costs. Check out the GAF Green Roofing section for more resources and how to become a GAF Certified Green Roofer. Celebrating Earth Day doesn’t have to happen only once a year.

*Savings depend on various factors including, but not limited to, climate zone, utility rates, location, and HVAC equipment efficiency.

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  1. Martin Fuller

    Great article! Sustainability in roofing is often overlooked by the roofing industry. Offering green roofing options to homeowners is a great way to improve our homes and our true home, Earth. Helping homeowners to become more aware of ways they can recycle their roofs is a great thing for contractors to do. Many people may simply throw their old shingles away instead of reusing or reusing the shingles. Choosing a roof material that helps to keep roofs and attics cool helps lower heating and air conditioning expenses and lower cost to keep cool and warm. Attic ventilation and insulation are both great options to suggest to homeowners as it can be beneficial to gutters, shingles, roofs, attics and air conditioning/heating systems. A good roofing contractor can help guide their customers to make environmentally-friendly decisions!

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