Q&A with Roofing Expert, Chris Mooney

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Chris Mooney, is the Executive Director of Sales Development at GAF. CARE sat down with Chris to get some expert insights into the roofing industry.

  1. For someone just starting in the roofing industry, what is your best tip? Figure out that there are two ways to succeed, 1 is to be a volume roofer, 2 is a value roofer. In residential, value is the best/fastest way to succeed. Figure out how to differentiate, add value, sell value, and price yourself above the market.
  2. What was your greatest challenge, and how did you conquer it? 
    Most challenging project ever was the launch of the Master Elite program. I overcame it with long hours, an eye on innovation, listening to new ideas, and a focus on the success of others.
  3. Your go-to tool is…
    Go-to tool is Outlook!
  4. What do you like better, sunrises or sunsets?
    Sunrise over the ocean.
  5. What’s on your music playlist these days? 
    Two things: Books on tape for my 3 year old: “The Polar Express” and “Power Questions” by Andrew Sobel.

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