Tweet Chat Recap: Labor Shortage Discussion with NRCA CEO Reid Ribble

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During Labor Week, GAF (@gafroofing) hosted a Tweet Chat, about the ongoing labor shortage, with NRCA CEO (@NRCA_CEO). The full discussion can be found on Twitter using the tag #RoofingLaborWeek. In light of the impact recent hurricane activity has had throughout the southern United States, the GAF PROBlog is recapping that discussion here, for our readers’ convenience.

‏@gafroofing – Hello & welcome to the chat. We’ll be addressing labor issues in the roofing industry all week long on social.

‏‏@gafroofing – We have the pleasure to have @NRCA_CEO – here to share his insight

@NRCA_CEO – Thanks! Happy to be here.

‏‏@gafroofing – Before we get started, if you are following us, feel free to join the conversation and tweet a question using

‏@gafroofing – Q1: We had the opportunity to guest blog on your site. Reid, why are you passionate about this? http://spr.ly/601580KAz

‏@NRCA_CEO – A1: I’m passionate about this because roofing workers are rarely seen & their efforts deserve better recognition.

‏@gafroofing – Q2: Where do you see the labor issue stemming from?

‏@NRCA_CEO – A2: It’s natural for parents to want the best for their kids … They no longer see trade careers as desirable, and that needs to change.

‏@gafroofing – Q3: How do you see this impacting the roofing industry?

@NRCA_CEO – A3: It creates a labor shortage. Roofing is a uniquely American experience. We need to be more positive about it.

‏@NRCA_CEO – A4: We’re highlighting it in D.C. Also, we’re developing a national certification program for workers to verify skills.

‏@gafroofing – Q4: Your leadership has made this issue more visible, what is NRCA doing to help?

‏‏@gafroofing – Q5: Is there anything that roofing owners can do today to help?

@NRCA_CEO – A5: Yes. Join NRCA! When our certification program launches, they can embrace it & encourage their emps to get certified.

‏ ‏@gafroofing – Q6: Why is the roofing industry a great trade to get in to?

@NRCA_CEO – A6: It offers career jobs, advancement, satisfaction of seeing your work every day. I often told my kids, “I put that roof on,” as we drove by my own work. #pride

‏‏@gafroofing – Q7: 200,000 construction jobs are unfilled. Where should contractors look for prospective employees?

‏@NRCA_CEO – A7: Look where your current employees are after work. They generally do things with people just like them. Go there and you will find your next worker.

‏‏@gafroofing – Q8: I’m sure you’ve seen people from all different careers get involved in roofing – what’s the most interesting?

@NRCA_CEO – A8: To me, the most interesting is when our veterans find a lifetime of work in our industry.

‏@gafroofing – C8: That’s great! GAF has been training veterans with the Roofing Academy

‏‏@gafroofing – Q9: If when a contractor finds someone with no experience, what training options do they have?

@NRCA_CEO – A9: Most training is done on the job or by manufacturers like GAF. Soon NRCA will be fully engaged in that space.

‏‏@gafroofing – Q10: How do companies retain their good employees?

@NRCA_CEO – A10: Mostly by INVESTING in them through pay, benefits & training. It’s not magic. People work for people, not companies.

‏@gafroofing – C10: Thanks Reid. Here’s more tips for keeping employees happy http://spr.ly/601080zie

‏‏@gafroofing – Q11: What resources are out there for people looking for a job, and for businesses looking for prospective employees?

@NRCA_CEO – A11: The best resource for recruiting is your current employees, so ask them to refer and recruit their friends.

‏@gafroofing – Thanks @NRCA_CEO & @NRCAnews for chatting with us. We will continue to keep the labor issues top of mind.

@NRCA_CEO – Thank you for having me and NRCA today!

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