Tips for Designing an Effective Logo

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Branding your company name is an important way to reach potential customers in a variety of mediums, but creating a visual identity to go along with it can help consumers relate to your company in a different way.

“When coming up with a logo, it’s important to ask yourself, ‘who am I, what do I do, and how do I want people to perceive me,’” says GAF’s Creative Director Carlos Caicedo. This is the first step in thinking about what type of design would work best for your business. Is your logo going to be personal, relevant, and different? Are people going to identify and remember it? “You can’t say that a logo is going to sell what you do, but it may help in the long term because it will give you recognition and, at the end of the day, relevance,” says Caicedo.

There is no magic formula for an effective logo, but there are some features that help people relate to them, Caicedo explained. He says your logo should have some of these characteristics: simple, memorable, adaptable, relevant, and timely. Also, remember that there doesn’t always need to be a graphic.

If you do not have a name yet for your company and are coming up with something new, make sure it’s easy to remember and interesting. Many owners use their own name and that is fine, just think about how to make it visual or even simplify it by using your initials instead, for example. If your company is only going to be providing roofing or construction services try to come up with a simple visual that would convey that message. Also, always discuss your proposed name with an attorney who can guide you on the legal aspects of name selection.

Now, you may not have the money to hire an agency to come up with a logo concept, but you can begin to play with it yourself. Start with typography and the letters—there are thousands of typefaces out there. Look for a font that is simple, bold, and unique, then apply some color and a name and you’ll have something you can use. If you’re part of the GAF Certified™ Contractor Program and want help designing your logo, you can find a list of providers on the Certified Contractor Zone.

The use of a company’s logo has evolved in modern times, and now is used in many places—on trucks, hats, shirts, printed materials, websites, social media, etc. So it’s important to create a logo that works for all applications, stands out on different backgrounds, and looks just as good small as it does large. “Logos that are very complicated or very thin or that have colors that don’t translate well are things you should look at before deciding on a final logo,” says Caicedo. “The final design should be easily readable in every one of the ways you intend to use it. Also, keep your business in mind and make sure your logo choice isn’t a narrow representation if you decide to expand your company’s offerings.”

Finally, when looking at designs, think about how it will resonate with a consumer or homeowner. Ask friends and other impartial sources to give you honest feedback. Once you have the final logo, start putting it out there – everywhere – so you can build the recognition your company deserves.

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  1. Tyler

    We spent a lot of time tweaking our logo to be just right. We tried to find something simple, recognizable, and efficient for printing on business cards and hats.

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