This GAF-Exclusive 3D Tool Can Help Close More Sales

All contractors want to save time when estimating or specifying a job, and this cool exclusive tool from GAF can help you do just that.  The e360 3D Visualizer and Estimator is a free downloadable app that allows contractors to create detailed reports of a home. Plus, for a limited time, contractors can earn up to $125 in credits just for signing up and using it.

Here’s how it works:

A contractor downloads the free app (available on Android and iOS), then goes to a job site and takes eight pictures around the home. The app guides the contractor to help frame the photos appropriately. The photos are uploaded to the Cloud and in less than 24 hours, an unobstructed 3D rendering of the home is created, complete with measurements of the roof, siding, and windows.

The average report cost starts at $20 for up to 20 squares with just the roof measurements. Adding siding and windows brings the cost up to around $30. GAF factory-certified contractors may receive additional discounts — just sign up for the service at or check with your local sales rep for additional details.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Accurate pricing… Since you have all the roof measurements, you can provide an accurate estimate to the homeowner.
  • Saves money. Less waste from materials translates to more savings. In addition, the 3D modeling in itself is something normally not available. This feature is part of the app and included in the report.
  • Saves time. One set of the eight photos gives you measurements for roof, siding, and windows, which alleviates the time a contractor would need to measure each part. The roof measurements include key areas like square footage, ridges, valleys, eaves, and rakes for a very comprehensive report.
  • Use as a selling tool. The visualization part of this app allows contractors to share and render shingles, siding, and windows with homeowners.

Go to either the Apple Store or Google Play and search GAF to download the e360 app and give it a try today.

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  1. John Winters

    First of all, thinking back, a certain shingle manufacturer I Know Of provided several spiffs for my company first getting started (yard signs, cards, door-hangers,bags, pens, bottle openers, construction pencils, brochures, catalogs, and even folders!). Next, one Other Company allowed me to order an impressive array of samples, folders, print, etc. (even a roll of felt). Finally, since I can get lifetime warranties from all three by using a few brand-matched accessories, among other things. So, starting off, I would admit to my customer that I was biased, and (remembering that Initial Kind Offering) would proceed to compare prorated portions of warranties, sizes, weights, etc. when selling. I sold a single 3-tab roof, then several of their lifetime architectural AR 130-mph wind-resistance, etc. Coincidentally, after the first rebate had been denied (W#@% T#@…), I actually sold a 3-tab roof from that Other Company. During this time I had adopted several unwritten policies- 3-tab bundles go at the base of the ladder. Brand-matched starter strips, hip&ridge caps, and ice&water barriers are included on each project, along with 6-nail installation and GAF Cobra III Rigid Vents (better NFVA and all warranties still apply). While I never charge for upgrades necessary to sell the lifetime shingles (except 3-tabs on additions or partial roofs), I also advise customers that I’ve never even heard of a homeowner making a claim on a manufacturer warranty (generally, it’s a workmanship problem, or perhaps an insurance claim. Color seems to be the main thing I advise homeowners to consider. After all, I exclusively use A Better Company to SUPPLY the choice of materials (my shingles all cost me the same and ). It seems I can no longer log in at the Other Company’s contractor site to order anything. My bias is gone except for the fact that GAF has better looking shingles. The shapes are more consistent, even recognizable, and the colors close the deals. Now, I’ve experienced birds-eye view measurements, and Other Companies have offered ROOF measurements of a similar SCOPE, it seems GAF has once again leveled the playing field. They already had brand recognition (most often used probably). All my products can still be viewed on the home using an app! Warranties are GIVEN, in my opinion, about equally applicable yet redundant. Even though I’m a bit of a GOOGLE everything on EARTH PRO, I was very pleased to find the GAF e360 Virtualizer & Estimator app just in time to save me from measuring something tricky (for free!@#$%). For me, I just want to put the best roof I know I can on each home (for the price of traditional 3-tabs!), but I don’t want the measure them all. I know the other guys are coming, and I look forward to comparing the three brands I’ll offer in one package. I signed up while I was looking at the roof on a Saturday, without reaching for my wallet. I walked around the house taking photos for the app. I went home and struggled with, but not finishing, trying to measure the roof from my computer. Sunday, I received an impressive 3d image of the home along with a PDF sketch with measurements. I can barely criticize because I was very much pleased (and surprised) with the outcome. The waiting list was unclear, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t get the report in time to complete the project with it. But it was really nice to receive. The insurance guy measured 30.55 and the app returned measurements of 32.92. With a difference of seven bundles, I just ordered several extra bundles and relied on the remainder of the measurements. I think improving communication to new users will boost usage. People may be skeptical at first. I will follow up with a review on the app (APP STORE) regarding actual square footage. Overall, GAF has made an excellent move from a business standpoint. Their shingles sell themselves, and this app is priced in line with its competition. Now, if I can just figure out how to get these rebates… Moving forward, I feel GAF wins the bias. Besides, my customers are pleased when they find out I use the same crew as other Master Elite certified contractors. I wish I had some GAF folders though! –John W

  2. Team Curb Appeal Greensbor

    Love this App, and I credit for helping me close a recent deal. I was the third roofer to give an estimate on a 5,000 three story house and the husband was pushing for the low baller estimate. The wife totally got it, and with the help of the App I was able to show win the husband over too by showing exactly how off the estimate was. The details were hard to argue with, and it really helped me appear as the educated professional (that we strive to be). Thanks!

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