How Your Business Can Make a Great First Impression

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You may think it’s the business owner, but the receptionist is the most important person in the office. He or she serves as the face and voice of the company and is often the first person your potential clients interact with – so it’s important that the receptionist makes a great first impression. Here are some things to think about when hiring or training a receptionist.

  • Do you want this person to emanate a casual or more professional feel? That will determine whether they should dress in jeans or corporate attire.
  • Phone etiquette. Determine how they should answer the phones. Have a script so each call is answered consistently. Ensure that the receptionist sounds welcoming and pleasant with each and every call.
  • A receptionist is also part marketer and customer service rep, as they will need to be able to help qualify the leads that come from inbound calls. A script with questions will help them categorize perspective jobs. You may also want the receptionist to follow up with past customers to get feedback and keep up the relationship.
  • A receptionist needs to have a positive attitude because it sends a message to potential clients that the company is interested in working with them. They have to be able to put people at ease in person and do it with a smile on their face. In addition, they need to be helpful and knowledgeable about the company and willing to answers any questions that may come up.
  • A receptionist should be highly organized with the ability to balance many varied tasks. They are the go-to person and can help make the office run smoothly and efficiently.
  • A receptionist needs to be dependable. Arriving late to work means that ringing phones are not being answered. A receptionist is counted on to be there when needed and respond to correspondence promptly, reliably, and accurately.
  • Being a good listener is one of the most important qualities of a good receptionist. Getting the information quickly from a potential customer and responding or routing them to the right person is critical. Receptionists need to look people in the eye and assure them that their needs are being addressed.

Take the time to properly explain your expectations and the various tasks they need to perform, so they know how to do the job correctly and continue to succeed and grow at the company.

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