How a Video Can Build Your Business

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The building industry is a crowded, competitive field. So, how can a roofing company stand out and make their mark? By becoming a video star!

The video above was created for GAF Master Elite® Contractor, Elite Roofing & Remodel based in Washington State. The video uses a drone and time lapse to show the roofing process and the crew hard at work from start to finish on a residential job.

Philip Cady, vice president at Elite, said he had once talked about creating a video, but this opportunity dropped in his lap. His GAF sales rep’s nephew lives in the area and they hired his production company to create the video.

A promotional video is a great tool to help differentiate your business and market yourself in a new medium. Videos can be easily shared and added to a corporate website. Once a video is created, add it to YouTube and tag it with targeted keywords like “Roofing Contractor in [your location] to help people find it when they are searching for a contractor. This video was placed in Vimeo, another video sharing website, but it is promotable on social media and other platforms. Cady says he will play the video on his iPad or laptop when he meets with a prospective client.

If you’re interested in creating a promotional video, any video production company can do the job, but it may be expensive to produce. To save on costs, approach a local college and see if their media students would want to take on the project. It’s good for their portfolio and they may even get course credit.

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  1. Alex

    Great Job on the video. It’s funny coming across this, we were throwing around ideas at our last meeting on how we can market ourselves a little better and give the customer a better idea of the entire process start to finish. Making a video was one of the major ideas we all agreed on. Now all we have to do is find a drone!

  2. Joey London

    Hey Liza,

    Couldn’t agree more and the advice on going to a local college is actually grat advice. With video becoming pretty much the standard for all business,it is important to have a unique view of your business, and a young filmmaker looking to make their mark might be just what you need.

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