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GAF e360 Update

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Industry’s First 3D Visualizer adds Exclusivity, Speed, and Convenience

GAF launched its proprietary e360 3D Visualizer and Estimator, powered by HOVER, at the 2016 International Roofer’s Expo in Las Vegas. In the two brief years since that announcement, thousands of GAF factory-certified contractors have used the powerful and easy-to-use platform to provide sophisticated presentations, save time and money, and improve homeowner satisfaction.

What is GAF e360?

The first 3D visualization app in the roofing industry, GAF e360 uses HOVER’s patented technology to transform smartphone photos of any home into a fully measured, customizable 3D model so contractors can save time measuring, provide an accurate estimate, and help homeowners easily visualize what the final project will look like. Contractors or homeowners only need to take photos of the property with the app as source images for the e360 presentation. Contractors can register for GAF e360 at e360.gaf.com and download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.

Contractors who use GAF e360 report that their close rates have increased. In addition to more closes, they’ve enjoyed greater accuracy in estimating materials, which creates less waste, and they’ve saved the labor time required to measure roofs the old-fashioned way. Even homeowners have embraced GAF e360, as it empowers them to visualize new shingle styles and colors on a 3D rendering of their actual home before making a purchase decision.

More capabilities. Greater convenience.

The success of GAF e360 has led GAF to expand the app’s functionality as well as the company’s commitment to HOVER. Thanks to a new commercial agreement with HOVER, GAF continues to be the exclusive roofing manufacturer to offer a branded app utilizing this advanced visualization technology. This is great news for GAF Master Elite® and Certified™ Contractors, who will soon have access to a range of enhanced features:

  • Now enables contractors to estimate the size of the roof in 30 minutes or less, leading to faster closes.
  • Connect engages homeowners in the process, giving them the opportunity to take photos of their homes with the app in advance of meeting with a contractor.
  • Prospect empowers contractors to canvas areas for new leads without incurring the expense of preparing 3D models for non-prospect homes.
  • The Multifamily Home feature simplifies the estimate process for contractors working on multifamily residential properties and sets them apart when presenting to the HOA.

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