6 Ways Contractors Can Make This Holiday Season Bright

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The holiday season can be a tough time for families going through struggles, but there are many people who step up and lend a hand to those less fortunate. Contractors are in a good position to make a difference. Here are some ways you can give back and help your neighbors this season. While you won’t get paid, it is generally a slower time for roofing and think of it as helping to build your reputation and visibility in the community.

Host a toy drive… Use your office to collect toys for the holiday. You can team up with a group like the Salvation Army or Toys for Tots to help distribute the gifts. Print out some flyers and drop them off around town to get the word out. If you know a specific family in need, then collect for them and deliver the gifts in your truck (and maybe even put on a red coat and white beard—just avoid the chimney).

Collect food for the needy… Like the toy drive, start a collection of food for the local food pantry.  Hand out flyers to customers and ask them to help out. If you’re doing a job, ask if they have a canned good to spare while you’re there.

Lend a hand… If you know someone who has put off home repair jobs because they had other priorities, offer your help. It could be as little as changing a light bulb in a senior’s home, moving furniture, or fixing a leak.Determine the level of your ability to help and ask around for recommendations on who would be the best recipient.

Help clear snow off a roof… If you see a roof sagging from the snow, offer to help remove it for free or offer another type of free roof repair. One kind gesture can grow into others paying it forward.

Donate your time… Organize for your staff to volunteer  at a soup kitchen or visit the sick at a hospital.

Give away a free roof… If you want a bigger way to contribute to a needy family, can join the No Roof Left Behind program and nominate a family or sponsor an event in your area.

There are many ways contractors can get into the holiday giving spirit. Speak with your tax advisor about how your contributions may be tax deductible. Read about more opportunities in our blog post, “Ways to Increase Your Impact in the Community.”

Has your company organized a charity for the holidays? Share your program in the comments below.

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