5 Ways to Beat the Competition

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Roofing is a tough, competitive field and economic conditions make it a challenge for some companies to get ahead. Here are some tips on how to stand out in a crowded industry, beat out the competition, and land more jobs.

  1. Blaze a new trail. Innovation is one way to make your mark. Find something that sets you apart – something your competitors don’t have. Maybe it’s a new service or a promotion you offer or the use of technology that can help you sell easier in front of homeowners. Take a look at the various GAF apps that can help you do just that.
  2. Have the right sales team. Take a hard look at your sales strategy. Do you know your sales team’s close rate? Do you have the right image for the business? If you’re not getting jobs, think about who is doing your selling. Are they dressing the part? Are they personal, professional, genuine, and empathetic? And are they all following the same sales procedure? If you’re doing the selling yourself, consider hiring a fresh, eager face to take care of sales while you focus on getting the work done behind the scenes.
  3. Be credible. In a business like roofing, there are plenty of people who do dishonest things and ruin it for the good guys. Work on building up your credibility and encourage your customers to complete online reviews and testimonials and use those quotes in both your printed and online materials. Another way to increase credibility is to put your name out there by helping with a local charity or getting an article in the paper citing your authority and expertise.
  4. Be customer focused. Make sure you and your team are talking to customers and are responsive to their needs. Homeowners will choose a contractor who offers great service by answering their calls in a timely manner and explaining options and solutions clearly. In return, they will appreciate the attention and likely recommend you to others. Demonstrate the value you offer as a way to differentiate yourself.
  5. Move on. You’re not going to get every job and if you’re making sales calls with no response, find a better strategy. Focus on other prospects and don’t dwell on the jobs you didn’t get. Instead, look deeper and figure out why you didn’t win the bid in the first place and try to change the next pitch to accommodate that issue.

Taking a hard look at your strategy and business process and making some changes may be just what you need to stand out from the competition and close those leads.

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