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5 Things to Advise New Homeowners About Their Roof

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Homeownership is an exciting venture, but for those first-timers, it can also be a scary step. Not only does owning a home introduce buyers to the daunting mortgage process, but there are many things about their home they need to understand to ensure that it will protect their loved ones for many years to come. Here are some tips contractors can offer new homeowners so they are prepared for the unexpected issues that may come their way.

  1. Get a roof inspection. Every home needs an inspection before it is sold, but most of the time a house inspector does not climb up on the roof. Tell a homeowner that it’s best to hire a roofing professional to advise of any upgrades or repairs that need to be addressed.
  2. Get a guarantee. Advise homeowners to get a guarantee of the work a contractor does for them. Have them ask for documentation such as a license number, so they know to work only with a reputable contractor. Send them to our blog post on 10 Tips to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Roofing Contractor for help with what to look for.
  3. Learn about roof options. New homeowners especially are not aware of the many choices they have in roofing materials. If energy efficiency is important, advise them of which ones will save them money on their heat or air conditioning bills. If they live in an area that is prone to storms or hail, explain the benefits of choosing impact-resistant shingles.
  4. Invest in preventive maintenance. Tell a homeowner that addressing minor issues ahead of time can potentially avoid large, expensive repairs.
  5. Point out the trouble spots. Homeowners should be aware of leak-prone areas such as skylights, flashing, and gutters and learn how to properly take care of them.

A new homeowner who is prepared and informed about their roof can better identify problems and help ensure their new home will protect them and provide a safe haven for their family to enjoy.

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  1. Karl G

    As a contractor I want to be able to present all options to our clients. I like to offer three different brands to let the client choose their brand. This usually gives them a better color selection to choose from. I then give my feed back to that brand and try to give an objectionable opinion. This is a very important process with my clients and begins trust with and new client adn at the same time give them valuable information for their project !!!

  2. Steve

    Since most home owners don’t get up on their roofs we provide pictures during production highlighting deck or any structural problems. By doing this can show our clients exactly what the Decking, Flashings and overall condition of there home looks like. We then point out any problem areas and options to correct with pricing. Upon completion we take pictures documenting everything repaired. With this policy our clients have the assurance everything discussed and agreed to has been corrected. Once the project is completed final pictures are taken. Our clients love the transparency of our Roof installations..

  3. John

    Great advice! One of the most overwhelming decisions for homeowners is choosing new shingles or materials when replacing the roof. There are a ton of choices but it helps a lot when you have a knowledgeable contractor that you discuss your options with.

    • Alan


      We recently had to choose materials for a new house roof. I found it interesting as to how many different choices are available in roofing materials. I actually looked it up on Wikipedia and the list is pretty astounding! However we chose to go with a newer style laminate shingle from GAF. Which is why I am browsing around their blog. I feel very confident we made the right choice!

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