10 Tips for Retaining Your Employees

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It’s hiring season in the construction industry and that means you’re looking for the best workers. But once you hire them, it’s important to keep them happy so they stick around.

While we know that many contractor businesses are small shops, there are still ways to reward and retain good employees and that, in turn, leads to good work and high profits.

  • Cash is king. Make sure you are offering a competitive salary. Do your research to find out what your competition is paying and match it (or even do better to make your company stand out).
  • Pay salary, not hourly. Consider offering workers a salary, which can sometimes save you money as well as create more employee loyalty. No timesheets need to be filled out and the hours can be flexible depending on the demand.
  • Get them trained. Offer paid training courses or the opportunity to attend conferences to help them build their skills. (Check out GAF’s CARE training sessions.)
  • Dress them. Provide logo’d shirts and uniforms paid for by the company.
  • Give them a ride. Offer them the use of a company vehicle or reimburse them if they use their personal car.
  • Get them educated. If you find a young worker and offer them tuition reimbursement, they will be more likely to stick around and come back during breaks while earning their degree.
  • Get them pumped. An annual gym membership will help a worker feel valued. Plus, it will keep their mind and body ready for the work they will need to perform.
  • Give them a break. Let them work longer during the week for the opportunity to leave early on Fridays—especially in the summer.
  • Give them tools. Provide a set of tools for your workers to use on the job or offer them a way to pay for them with no-interest payroll deduction.
  • Offer heath care. While this can be quite expensive for a small company, look into offering a basic plan without dental or vision benefits.

While you may not be able to provide all of these benefits to your workers, even just a few will increase morale and loyalty and enable you to focus on landing jobs rather than retaining workers.

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