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10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

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It’s been a great year of posting business and roofing content for you, our valued customers, on the GAF ProBlog. We’ve covered a range of topics from ventilation and maintenance to preparing for natural disasters and tools to build your business. In case you missed any of the most-viewed posts of the year or want to read them again, here is a list of the top 10 blog posts from 2015. Just like the ball dropping to ring in 2016, we’re counting down to number one.

#10—Trends in Roofing Underlayment–Learn about the important features in today’s underlayments.

#9—5 Commercial Roofing Mistakes that Lead to Water Penetration–What not to do on a roofing job.

#8—10 Tips for Retaining Your Employees–How to keep your employees happy so they stick around.

#7—5 Ways Contractors Should Prepare for El Niño–Learn how to ramp up your efforts to support your local community in weather disasters.

#6—How to Help Homeowners Understand Ice Damming–How to explain the causes of ice damming to your customers.

#5—Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation–How ventilation can keep a roof system working well.

#4—5 Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Roof Leaks–Tips on where to find leaks and how a maintenance plan can help prevent them.

#3—10 Tips to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Roofing Contractor–What customers should look for when deciding who’s the best contractor for the job.

#2—The Benefits and Risks of Replacing a Roof in the Winter–Should you roof in the winter? Find out what to consider before you start.

#1—PVC vs. TPO: Is the Debate Over?–Which one is the best material for a commercial roof?

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Stay tuned for more roofing-related content to help your business in the coming year. If you have any article suggestions, feel free to submit topic ideas in the comments below.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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